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New Dapol Class 33 liveries announced

Dapol have announced a new selection of liveries for their N Gauge Class 33/0 & 33/1.

The following new models are planned for release:

2D-001-009 Class 33/0 D6509 BR Green NYP

2D-001-010 Class 33/0 D6523 BR Green SYP

2D-001-011 Class 33/0 33056 BR Blue FYE 'The Burma Star'

2D-001-012 Class 33/0 33025 DRS

2D-001-024 Class 33/1 D6580 BR Green VSYP

2D-001-025 Class 33/1 33107 BR Blue

2D-001-026 Class 33/1 Fragonset 'Swordfish'

The Dapol Class 33 features:

  • Detailed body with etched grills and separately fitted handrails

  • RP25.72 darkened wheels with pin point bearings

  • 5 pole super creep motor with huge pulling power and incredible slow speed running

  • All wheel drive and pickup

  • Independently controllable directional lighting

  • Dapol's low friction mechanism for efficient quiet running

  • Heavy split frame chassis for excellent running and haulage qualities

Prices are £145 for DCC ready models and £175 for DCC fitted models.

Release is expected during Q3-Q4 2022

For more information visit the online Dapol catalogue



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