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Revolution Trains FNA-D flask wagon EP samples revealed

Revolution Trains have revealed images of the EP samples for their forthcoming N Gauge FNA-D nuclear flask wagon.

revolution trains n gauge fna-d

The FNA-D nuclear flask carriers were built by WH Davis from 2014 to replace older nuclear flask wagons. The FNA-D nuclear flask carriers are used across the network to transport spent fuel from nuclear power stations to Sellafield. The FNA-D nuclear flask wagons typically run in rakes of 1-4 wagons mostly with two locos either double-headed or top-and-tailed.

Features of the Revolution Trains model are:

  • Produced under licence from DRS

  • Highly accurate N gauge model, 1:148 scale on 9mm track

  • All models share the same livery with 8 different running numbers available

  • Accurate underframe detailing

  • Minimum Radius Peco 2nd Radius

  • Bogies include separate brake shoes in line with wheels

  • RP25 profile N gauge wheels

  • Sprung buffers

  • Kinetic NEM coupler sockets mounted on the body with Rapido NEM couplers

revolution trains n gauge fna-d

All versions have the same white/teal green livery with different running numbers.

revolution trains n gauge fna-d

Pre-orders are now open at the Revolution Trains Website


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