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Dapol add Hanson & Aggregate Industries Class 59 Liveries. Gaugemaster announce GBRF

Dapol have announced two additional liveries for their recently revived N Gauge Class 59 project.

In addition to the four schemes previously announced, Dapol are adding the following to the initial release list:

  • 2D-005-005 Class 59 59104 Hanson 'Village of Great Elm'

  • 2D-005-006 Class 59 59001 Aggregate Industries 'Yeoman Endeavour'

Gaugemaster have also announced an exclusive model of 59003 'Yeoman Highlander' in GBRF livery. More information on that release can be found on the Gaugemaster website

For more information on the Dapol Class 59, see our news article here



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