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Model Rail Scotland N Gauge roundup

Model Rail Scotland saw various N Gauge announcements and samples on display, here we summarise those from each manufacturer exhibiting at the show.

Revolution Trains

The big news from Revolution Trains was the announcement of the Class 175 'Coradia' and Class 180 'Adelante' DMUs in N Gauge (and OO, but we don't talk about that...)

Check out the full details for these welcome new models in our news article here.

Also announced was the FNA-D bogie nuclear flask carrier now in extensive use across the country carrying spent nuclear fuel.

You can find more details on the FNA-D here.

Existing projects were also on visible on the Revolution stand, with EP samples shown for the following:

Class 59

The first EP for the Class 59 shows great promise for the Revolution Model, with high levels of detail, particularly around the underframe, with some details never seen in any scale previously. The lift off body section will make decoder fitting a breeze and the built in speaker makes DCC sound a simple procedure. The model features a wealth of separately fitted details and fine etched grills and is the first model of the type in any scale to feature

Class 59s are available for pre-order now from Revolution Trains and stockists.

Class 313/314

The first EP sample for the Class 313/314 PEP EMU was also on display, and again shows the attention to detail being included on the model. New EPs and livery samples are currently awaited.

The finely moulded Stone Faiveley pantograph is a feature particularly worthy of note, as are the fine underframe details.

Class 313/314s are available for pre-order from Revolution Trains and stockists.


The impressive Cartic-4 vehicle transporter wagons are making good progress, with first EP samples having now arrived. These feature some very impressive etched details, particularly for the protective side screens on some versions. There are some amendments and improvements to be made before the next EPs are received.

Cartic-4s are now available to pre-order from Revolution Trains and stockists.

Mk.5 coaching stock

Rounding out the Revolution items are updated livery samples for the Trans Pennine Express Mk.5. We previously featured test body shells, but fully assembled models were on display.

There are some further modifications to be made, particular to the grey on the doors and window strip which is currently darker than it should be.

Mk.5s can still be pre-ordered from Revolution Trains.

Cavalex Models

1st Livery samples for the Cavalex Models PGA hopper wagons were on display, with the final production models now pegged for arrival in Q3 2022. These wagons incorporate some impressive levels of fine detail, both outside and inside.

The Cavalex PGA will be available exclusively from Rails of Sheffield and can be pre-ordered now.

Graham Farish

On the Bachmann Europe stand, examples of the forthcoming Class 769 bi-mode multiple unit in Transport for Wales livery were on display, exhibiting the usual very high standard of livery application expected from a Graham Farish model. These are due to arrive in shops during May/June.

Also on display were samples of the updated Class 08 shunter, which now features a updated chassis with pre-fitted speaker in the nose area, allowing for DCC sound. These are also expected to arrive during May/June.

More information on the Class 769 and updated Class 08 can be read here

Our thanks to Revolution Trains and Cavalex for allowing us to photograph the models shown here.



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