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Dapol announce N Gauge Britannia re-issue

Dapol are to re-issue their N Gauge Britannia 4-6-0 in several new numbers/names and as part of a Train Pack.

The Dapol Britannia features:

  • Finely moulded body and tender with many separately fitted fine details

  • Cast and painted wheels

  • Square axles for perfect quatering

  • Heavy die-cast chassis and all wheel pickup

  • Super creep motor for controlled pulling power and fine slow speed control

  • Finely etched nameplates

  • Accessory bag with spares and other added details

  • Comes with factory fitted traction tyres

The following liveries and numbers will be available:

2S-017-006 - 70000 'Britannia' Unlined BR Black Early Crest

2S-017-007 - 70050 'Firth of Clyde' BR Lined Green Early Crest

2S-017-008 - 70051 'Firth of Forth' BR Lined Green Late Crest

2S-017-009 - 70010 'Owen Glendower' BR Unlined Green Late Crest

2S-017-010 - East Anglian set with 70039 'Sir Christopher Wren' with 4 Crimson & Cream Gresley coaches

The RRP is £144.95 for DCC Ready Locomotives, and £260 for the East Anglian set.

The expected release date is Q4 2021 / Q1 2022

For more information visit the Dapol Online Catalouge



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