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Dapol make improved M7 'DCC Friendly'

Dapol announced in February 2021 that their N Gauge M7 was to receive a new chassis with improved details and wheels featuring see through spokes. The model was not originally planned to be DCC ready, which caused some consternation across the modelling forums. Dapol have now announced that whilst the model will still not feature a DCC socket, it will be 'DCC friendly. The Dapol statement reads:

The Design team have been working hard to provide the much requested DCC functionality to this model. The following solution has been been decided upon.
To avoid sacrificing the open cab and internal detail, as well as retaining the choice of adding crew due to the combined bulk of a plugin decoder and socket, the model is 'DCC friendly'
A PCB is located in the bunker and pickup and motor connections are terminated on this. It is a simple matter to replace this PCB with a wired 'micro' decoder by making 4 solder connections. DC only users do not need to make any changes.
For customers who feel unable to do this we offer a factory fitted imperium option or you are free to select your choice of decoder and installer.

Pricing is as follows: DCC Friendly £97.95

DCC Fitted £135.45

Proposed liveries are as follows:

2S-016-005 Southern Lined Green No.37

2S-106-006 LSWR Lined Green No.245

2S-016-007 Southern Black No.246

2S-016-008 British Railways Lined Malachite No.30038

2S-016-009 British Railways Lined Black No. 30248

2S-016-010 BR Early Crest Lined Black No.30673

2S-016-011 BR Late Crest Lined Black No.30245

2S-016-012 LSWR Lined Green No.35



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