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Dapol MJA Ballast Wagon Re-issue announced

Continuing their recent spate of wagon re-issue announcements, Dapol are to produce a new run of N Gauge MJA Bogie Ballast Wagons.

Slated for release during Q3 2021, the wagons will be available as a twin pack in two different livery options and multiple numbers.

The proposed models are as follows: 2F-025-008 MJA Freightliner Heavy Haul 502019/502020

2F-025-009 MJA Freightliner Heavy Haul 502005/502006

2F-025-010 MJA Freightliner Heavy Haul 502011/502012

2F-025-011 MJA Freightliner Heavy Haul 502039/502040

2F-025-012 MJA GBRf 502009/502010

2F-025-013 MJA GBRf 502027/502028 For more information, visit the Dapol online catalogue.



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