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Dapol release new West Country / Battle of Britain CAD images

At the International N Gauge show, Dapol provided a short update on the status of the long awaited SR West Country / Battle of Britain class Light Pacifics.

First announced in 2012, the Light Pacifics have had a somewhat protracted development, but new CAD images have now been released by Dapol which suggests progress is being made, although release is expected to be 2024 at the earliest.

Dapol N Gauge Light Pacific

Dapol will initially be producing the the as built locomotives with airsmoothed casing, the rebuilt locomotives will follow in a later run.

dapol west county battle of britain

The models promise to be Dapols first 'Next Generation' steam locomotive, with entirely re-deigned chassis & electronics. The models will also incorporate Dapol's new locomotive mounted motor for "excellent slow running and pulling power".

Dapol N Gauge West Country

The full list of features is as follows:

  • Powerful new locomotive mounted motor

  • Electrical pick up from all locomotive and tender wheels

  • Diecast chassis and locomotive body, injection moulded tender body

  • Partial chassis compensation for smooth running and to aid electrical pickup

  • Stainless steel running gear

  • Standard NEM couplings

  • Detailed body & fittings

  • Printed name plates

  • Accessory bag with etched nameplates and details buffer beam fittings

Proposed liveries:

2S-034-001 21C164 'Fighter Command' SR Malachite green

2S-034-002 34055 'Spitfire' BR green, late crest

2S-034-003 34110 '66 Squadron' BR green, early crest

2S-034-004 21C113 'Okehampton' SR Malachite green

2S-034-005 34030 'Watersmeet' BR green, late crest

2S-004-006 34001 'Exeter' BR green, early crest

The RRP for DCC ready versions is £206.95, for DCC fitted £238.00 and for DCC sound fitted £341.55



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