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EFE Rail announce N Gauge PBA 'Tiger' China Clay wagons

Revealed as part of the Bachmann Summer 2023 announcements, EFE Rail are to produce a new tool N Gauge PBA Tiger Wagons

Previously released in OO scale under the EFE Rail brand, these impressive Bogie China Clay Wagons will be produced in both the white and blue liveries of English China Clays, with weathered and pristine renditions of each livery planned for release:

E87524 PBA Tiger TRL 33 70 9382 069 ECC Blue £44.95

E87525 PBA Tiger TRL 33 70 9382 059 ECC Blue £44.95

E87526 PBA Tiger TRL 33 70 9382 073 ECC Blue [W] £49.95

E87527 PBA Tiger TRL 33 70 9382 075 ECC Blue [W] £49.95

E87528 PBA Tiger TRL 11601 ECC International White £44.9

E87529 PBA Tiger TRL 11603 ECC International White £44.95

E87530 PBA Tiger TRL 11606 ECC International White [W] £49.95

E87531 PBA Tiger TRL 11610 ECC International White [W] £49.95

Full details can be found on the Bachmann Europe website



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