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KMRC announce Exclusive Graham Farish Class 31/1 D5579 in “Golden Ochre” livery

Kernow Model Rail Centre announce an Exclusive N Gauge Class 31/1 as D5579 in “Golden Ochre” Livery.

The Brush Traction Type two, later class 31 locomotive, was built at their Loughborough Works and entered service from Stratford as D5579 in January 1960, before being allocated to March in November 1960. She was delivered in an experimental ‘Bronze Gold’ more commonly referred to as ‘Golden Ochre’ livery. She was repainted into standard BR green with small yellow warning panels in February 1966.

It was renumbered into the TOPS series as 31161 in December 1974 but was fitted with electric train heating equipment (ETH) in May 1988 and renumbered 31400. Apart from a brief spell allocated to Tinsley in 1965 she spent most of working life in and around the East Anglia. After finally being allocated to Crewe It was withdrawn in July 1991.

The Kernow Model Rail Centre Exclusive highly detailed model in N Gauge is being produced for KMRC by Graham Farish. The model features: a coreless motor, NEM coupling pockets, directional Lighting – independently switchable at each end via switches mounted on the circuit-board, or via DCC, factory fitted speaker and a Next18 DCC decoder socket. A DCC SOUND FITTED version is also available.

The Exclusive model is priced at £179.95 for DCC ready and £279.99 for DCC sound fitted versions and both are available to order now, due December 2022 / January 2023.

371-111Z Graham Farish Class 31/1 D5579 “Golden Ochre” livery

371-111SF Graham Farish Class 31/1 D5579 “Golden Ochre” livery DCC Sound fitted

Chris Trerise, Managing Director, said: “The unique Golden Ochre livery on D5579 is becomes a very distinctive first KMRC Exclusive based on the latest Graham Farish Class 31, and is available in both DCC ready and DCC sound fitted options.”


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