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New tool N Gauge HRA wagon and Class 47 update lead Graham Farish winter announcements

For their Winter 2023 announcements, Bachmann Europe have announced a brand new model of the HRA aggregate hopper wagons for the Graham Farish N Gauge range.

Converted by WH Davies from redundant HTA coal wagons, during the conversion one of the coal hopper bays is removed, reducing the length of the wagon by 20% of its original size to 14.3 meters. Despite the reduction in length, the gross weight each wagon can carry remains the same at 101.6 tonnes. This allows more wagons to be transported per train, increasing the potential payload tonnage of the train by 447 tonnes for the same length.

Four running numbers will be available at release, all wearing the distinctive DB Cargo red livery and with an RRP of £46.95

373-865 HRA Bogie Hopper DB Cargo

373-865		HRA Bogie Hopper DB Cargo

373-865A HRA Bogie Hopper DB Cargo

373-865A	HRA Bogie Hopper DB Cargo

373-865B HRA Bogie Hopper DB Cargo

373-865B	HRA Bogie Hopper DB Cargo

373-865C HRA Bogie Hopper DB Cargo

373-865C	HRA Bogie Hopper DB Cargo

Also announced for Winter 2023 are the following:

Class 158

Two new and previously unannounced Class 158 liveries will be available in the form of East Midlands Trains and Arriva Trains Wales, along with new running numbers of previously announced schemes. Bachmann have also announced a price reduction for the Class 158, with the RRP dropping to £259.95 for DCC ready versions and £369.95 for DCC Sound fitted models.

371-855 / 371-855SF

Class 158 2-Car DMU 158773 East Midlands Trains

RRP: £259.95 / £369.95


Class 158 2-Car DMU 158824 Arriva Trains Wales (Revised)

RRP: £259.95 / £369.95


Class 158 2-Car DMU 158816 BR Regional Railways

RRP: £259.95 / £369.95


Class 158 2-Car DMU 158729 ScotRail Saltire

RRP: £259.95 / £369.95


Class 158 2-Car DMU 158750 GWR Green (FirstGroup)

RRP: £259.95 / £369.95


Class 158 2-Car DMU 158861 Northern

RRP: £259.95 / £369.95

Class 47

Bachmann have now confirmed that the new Class47s will feature an upgraded chassis with Next 18 socket and onboard speaker, cab lighting and independently controllable directional lighting. In addition to the versions already announced, the following new models will also be available:


Class 47/4 47805 'John Scott' DRS Compass (Original)

RRP: £179.95/£279.95


Class 47/7 47814 'Totnes Castle' Virgin Trains (Original)

RRP: £279.95


Class 47/7 47727 'Rebecca' Colas Rail

RRP: £279.95


Class 47/7 47745 'Royal London Soc. For The Blind' Rail Express Syst.

RRP: £279.95

Ivatt 2MT

More running numbers for the recently updated Ivatt 2MT have been announced in both DCC ready and DCC sound fitted versions:


LMS Ivatt 2MT 46477 BR Lined Black (Early Emblem)

RRP: £164.95/£264.95


LMS Ivatt 2MT 6409 LMS Black

RRP: £164.95/£264.95


LMS Ivatt 2MT 46464 BR Lined Black (Late Crest)

RRP: £164.95/£264.95

Also announced as a Bachmann Collectors Club exclusive, the 2MT will also be available in the preserved Marron livery as applied to 46441 in both DCC ready and DCC sound fitted versions.


Bachmann Collectors Club Exclusive

LMS Ivatt 46441 2MT BR Maroon

RRP: £148.46/£238.46

BR Standard 5MT 4-6-0

Another recently upgraded Steam locomotive, the BR Standard 5MT 4-6-0 also gets more running numbers:


BR Standard 5MT with BR1B Tender 73100 BR Lined Black (Early Emblem)

RRP: £179.95/£279.95