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Revolution Class B Tank re-run announced

Revolution Trains have announced a re-run of their award winning Class B 35t 2 axle tank wagon.

These popular tank wagons were introduced in the mid-1950s and lasted until the early 1990s.

In a change to their usual practice, Revolution will not be offering this second run directly, but through a selection of established retailers. They will still only produce according to pre-orders so if you want to guarantee your order please place it before the order deadline (to be confirmed in due course but likely to be September/October 2021) with your preferred retailer. The MSRP is kept the same as the first run at £26.95.

Revolution are offering the same livery selection as the first run but all versions will have different numbers to the original run. NB there are 4 number versions of the Esso livery to reflect the popularity of that livery in the first run. All other versions we are offering 2 number versions with prototypical livery and labelling variations.

Livery options & running numbers available in the second run are as follows:

  • Esso livery: 3300, 3305, 3546 and 3705

  • Mobil Charringtons: 202 (with black Charringtons label as shown) and 249 (with white Charringtons label)

  • Unbranded black with ZRW TOPS code for depot waste fuel oil: ADB999065 and ADB999073

  • Regent: 375 and 404

  • Texaco: TEX47878 and TEX47859

  • United Molasses: UM204 (with brown barrel ends) and UM258 (with blue barrel ends)

The models will go into production alongside Revolution's forthcoming Class A tanks and MTV/ZKV Zander wagons and estimated delivery is Q1 2022.

The following retailers have already agreed to start taking pre-orders: C&M Models, Derails, East Somerset Models, Hattons, Kernow MRC, KMS Railtech, Rails of Sheffield, Rainbow Railways, TMC.

For more information visit the Revolution Trains Website


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