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Revolution Trains N Gauge Borail, Mullet, Parr & Super Tench open for orders

Revolution Trains have opened the order book on their recently announced N Gauge Borail, Mullet, Parr & Super Tench wagons, complete with early bird pricing.

There are multiple versions of the wagons available in Twin Packs and below is our guide to the different models you can now pre-order.

Borail EB in bauxite livery with 5 bolsters. Running numbers B946189 and B946192

Borail MB in bauxite livery with 5 bolsters. Running numbers B946083 and B946096

BR Borail EC (BRV) in bauxite livery with flat deck. Running numbers B946065 and B946073

Borail BRA wagons in Railfreight red. Running numbers 967604 and 967623

YLA Mullets in Railfreight red with yellow Mullet branding. Running numbers DC967594 and DC967620

Mullets in Departmental yellow. YLA Mullet DC967648 (black underframe) and YMA Mullet DC967548 (grey underframe)

YLA Mullets in Departmental yellow with Civil Link and “Another first class load of British Steel from Workington to British Rail Castleton” branding. Running numbers DC967520 and DC967629

YLA Mullets in EWS livery. Running numbers DC967553 and DC967583

Parrs in Departmental yellow. YMA Parr DC967555 (grey underframe) and YQA Parr DC967569 (black underframe)

YQA Parrs with Mainline branding. YQA Parr DC 967580 (Mainline blue) and YQA Parr DC967645 (Departmental yellow with Mainline branding – now preserved on Dean Forest Railway)

YQA Super Tench engineers wagons. Running Numbers DC987580 and DC967615

The models all feature:

  • twin pack of wagons (each individually numbered and with prototypical livery variations)

  • accurate details of bogie type, brake gear/brake wheels and buffer differences

  • highly detailed plastic body with diecast body/underframe

  • NMRA RP25 wheelsets on 12.25mm axles

  • NEM close couplers with kinematic coupler sockets with dummy screwlink couplers

The Early Bird price is £66.00 per twin pack, rising to £70.00 once the offer ends.


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