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3D Printed N Gauge L&Y covered goods wagons from Three Peaks Models

Three Peaks Models have released the L&Y Diagram 3 Covered Goods Wagon as their latest 3D printed kit.

three peaks n gauge wagons

These wagons represented the L&Y's standard design of van from the late 1870s until 1904. The LMS receiving 3,500 of them at the grouping, 1% of their initial wagon fleet. The wagons came with a distinctive canvas flap over one of the two doors, which could be folded back to allow better access for loading and unloading - with doors only 5ft tall, this was likely a useful feature.

three peaks n gauge wagons

The wagons survived until the early 1930s in LMS service, before being replaced by larger, more spacious wagon designs. However, a few wagons survived as private owner wagons until as late as the 1970s, particularly with chocolate manufacturers such as Cadbury's.

The kit comes as a simple three part assembly, consisting of the wagon underframe, the wagon roof and sides, and the floor and ends. These parts slot together easily and can then be glued in place.

The N Gauge wagons are available for £12 directly from Three Peaks Models


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