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Dapol announce Class 68 re-issue and new livery

Dapol have announced a new run of their N Gauge Class 68 locomotive, with a brand new livery featuring for the first time.

The Class 68 is Dapol's first ‘Next Generation’ Diesel model, with entirely re-designed chassis and electronics. This model reproduces all the detail and functionality of their OO gauge model (other than Halo-lights) and incorporates Dapol's new iron cored 5 pole motor offering excellent slow running and exceptional pulling power with reliability and robustness.

Dapol’s N Gauge Class 68 models features:

  • Smooth running 5 pole next generation motor

  • All wheel pickup All wheel drive via re-worked ‘smooth drive’ low maintenance mechanism

  • Die-cast chassis

  • DCC Sound ready Next-18 decoder socket (recommended 6 function decoder)

  • Independent directional front/rear main lighting control

  • Independent directional front/rear cab lighting control

  • Main lamp and cab lighting override switches for DC users (independent front/rear control)

  • Removable self-centring close coupling mechanism with NEM pockets

  • Standard NEM fitting N Gauge couplers

  • RP 25 wheels

  • Detailed body and fittings

  • Printed name plates

  • Accessory bag with etched nameplates and detailed buffer beam fittings

  • Clip-fit body for easy DCC fitting

Liveries to be produced in the next run are as follows:

  • 2D-022-012 Class 68 Fearless 68016 DRS Compass

  • 2D-022-013 Class 68 Vigilant 68018 DRS Compass

Dapol N Gauge Class 68
Previous Class 68 release shown
  • 2D-022-014 Class 68 Splendid 68027 Transpennine Express

  • 2D-022-015 Class 68 Felix 68031 Transpennine Express

Dapol N Gauge Class 68
Previous Class 68 release shown
  • 2D-022-016 Class 68 Pride of the North 68006 New DRS/NTS Green

The recommended retail prices are as follows:

DCC Ready: £150.00

DCC Fitted: £182.00

DCC Sound Fitted: £270.00

Release is expected during Q2 2023

For more information visit the Dapol Website



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