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Dapol announce new N Gauge Class 86 run

Dapol have announced a new run of their N Gauge Class 86 electric locomotive with 4 new liveries to be released.

The proposed liveries are as follows:

2D-026-005 Class 86 86245 BR Blue FYP

2D-026-006 Class 86 86253 INTERCITY Swallow 'The Manchester Guardian'

2D-026-007 Class 86 86426 EWS 'Pride of the Nation'

2D-026-008 Class 86 86622 Freightliner Powerhaul

The Dapol Class 86 features:

  • Finely detailed body with many extra fitted items

  • 5 pole super creep motor with incredible slow speed running

  • All wheel drive and pickup

  • Finely detailed and posable pantograph

  • Accessory bag with optional user fitted parts

  • Updated with a NEXT18 decoder socket

The RRP is £120 for a DCC ready model, and £150 for a DCC fitted model.

Dapol expect release to be Q3 2022

For more information visit the Dapol online catalogue



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