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Dapol N Gauge Class 59 livery samples revealed

Dapol have released images of the livery samples for their forthcoming N Gauge Class 59 locomotive.

Dapol N Gauge Class 59

Billed as their latest Next Generation Diesel model, incorporating Dapol’s re-designed chassis and electronics, the Class 59 will also incorporate the same iron cored 5 pole motor that is used in the N Gauge Classes 50 and 68.

Additional features are as followed:

  • Smooth running 5 pole next generation motor

  • All wheel pickup, all-wheel drive via re-worked smooth drive low maintenance mechanism

  • Die-cast chassis

  • DCC Sound ready, Next-18 decoder socket (recommended 6 function decoder)

  • Independent directional front/rear main lighting control

  • Switchable day/night lights (DC & DCC)

  • Main lamp and cab lighting override switches for DC users (Independent front/rear control)

  • Removable self-centring close coupling mechanism with NEM pockets

  • Standard NEM fitting N Gauge couplers

  • RP 25 wheels

  • Printed name plates (where applicable)

  • Accessory bag with etched nameplates and detailed buffer beam fittings

  • Clip-fit body for easy DCC fitting

  • All Factory fitted DCC Locomotives will be fitted with Dapol’s Imperium Next 18 decoder All Factory Sound fitted models will be fitted with a Zimo Decoder and prototypical sound recording

The images below are of decorated samples, these have been reviewed by the design team and feedback has been provided to the factory producing them. The sample photographs are shown for illustration only and the models are subject to change and correction where necessary.

Dapol N Gauge Class 59
Dapol N Gauge Class 59
Dapol N Gauge Class 59
Dapol N Gauge Class 59
Dapol N Gauge Class 59
Dapol N Gauge Class 59
Dapol N Gauge Class 59

Pricing is £172.80 RRP for DCC ready, £205.20 for DCC fitted and £291.60 for DCC sound fitted.

Dapol state that the design team have reviewed the samples and provided feedback to the factory, they are currently waiting for revised decorated samples. we currently expect the models to be in stores towards the end of the year.



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