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Dapol show updated N Gauge LSWR M7 EP

Dapol have shown the first EP sample of their revised M7.

The changes focus on the chassis, which now features wheels with see through spokes. It does not however feature any DCC socket and there are no changes to the body moulding.

Versions being offered in the first batch are as follows:

  • 2S-016-005 M7 0-4-4 Southern Lined Green 37

  • 2S-016-006 M7 0-4-4 SWR Lined Green 245

  • 2S-016-007 M7 0-4-4 Southern Black 246

  • 2S-016-008 M7 0-4-4 British Railways Lined Malachite 30038

  • 2S-016-009 M7 0-4-4 British Railways Lined Black 30248

  • 2S-016-010 M7 0-4-4 BR Early emblem Lined Black 30673

  • 2S-016-011 M7 0-4-4 BR Late Crest Lined Black 30245

  • 2S-016-012 M7 0-4-4 LSWR Lined Green 35

For more information visit the Dapol website



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