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Dapol to re-issue N Gauge 6 Wheel Milk Tankers

Dapol have announced a new run of their N Gauge 6 wheel milk tanker, which will be released in 6 liveries later this year:

The full list of proposed models is as follows: 2F-031-020 6 Wheel Milk Tank United Dairies 44018

2F-031-021 6 Wheel Milk Tank CWS Green 4409

2F-031-022 6 Wheel Milk Tank Express Dairy 'E' 37

2F-031-023 6 Wheel Milk Tank United Dairies (Green Text) 4430

DA2F-031-024 6 Wheel Milk Tank Co-Op London 133

DA2F-031-025 6 Wheel Milk Tank West Park Dairy 142

(Image above shows previously released models)

More information available from the Dapol Website



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