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Dapol to reissue N Gauge Gresley coaches

Dapol have announced a new run of their N Gauge Gresley coaching stock with no less than 19 different models planned for release.

The models feature:

  • Highly detailed body, underframe and bogies

  • Fine application of livery, including teak effect

Planned versions are:

2P-011-012 LNER Teak 3rd Class 61626

2P-011-013 LNER Teak 3rd Class 61628

2P-011-014 LNER Teak 3rd Class 10044

2P-011-056 BR Carmine & Cream 2nd Class E12038E

2P-011-057 BR Carmine & Cream 2nd Class E12047E

2P-011-076 BR Maroon 2nd Class E12105E

2P-011-077 BR Maroon 2nd Class E12108E

2P-011-107 LNER Teak 1st Class 1130

2P-011-153 BR Carmine & Cream 1st Class E11028E

2P-011-174 BR Maroon 1st Class E11035E

2P-011-210 LNER Teak Brake Composite 5547

2P-011-211 LNER Teak Brake Composite 5549

2P-011-254 BR Carmine & Cream Brake Composite E10001E

2P-011-255 BR Carmine & Cream Brake Composite E10018E

2P-011-274 BR Maroon Brake Composite E10014E

2P-011-275 BR Maroon Brake Composite E10015E

2P-011-306 LNER Teak Buffet 9132

2P-011-353 BR Carmine & Cream E9135E

2P-011-372 BR Maroon E9120E

The RRP is £32.40 with release expected in Q3 2022

For more information visit the Dapol Online Catalogue



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