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Exclusive N Gauge 1910 RCH 10T W Tilbury & Sons wagon from Kernow Model Centre

Kernow Model Rail Centre have announced an Exclusive N Gauge 1910 RCH 10T seven plank open wagon in the livery of W Tilbury and Sons of Guildford.

kernow n gauge 1920 rch 10t wagon

W Tilbury and Sons were Guildford coal merchants from the first Decade of the 20th century. The business was run by William James Tilbury, who was born in 1887, but named the business as “W Tilbury and Sons” after his father also named William.

Their Private Owner wagon was built by R Y Pickering & Co Ltd of Wishaw, North Lanarkshire in Scotland and registered with the London & South Western Railway, Registration No. 1712 in 1910 and its painting date is listed as being 21st March 1910. 

It is not clear how long the business continued after the early passing of William James, aged 36 in 1923.

kernow n gauge 1920 rch 10t wagon

The Kernow Model Rail Centre Exclusive model in N Gauge is being produced for KMRC by PECO Ltd.  The model is based on their RCH 1907 specification seven Plank open wagon with a 9 foot wheelbase, detachable couplings and metal-tyred wheels for free running.


The Exclusive model NRC-015 Peco 7 Plank Open Wagon - W Tilbury Guildford is priced at £18.95 and is available now online and from both Kernow Model Rail Centre branches.

kernow n gauge 1920 rch 10t wagon

Matthew Mazzocchi-Higgs, Guildford Branch Manager said: “I am pleased that we can announce our first Exclusive N Gauge local private owner wagon W Tilbury and Sons – Guildford.” Matthew continued: “This adds an N Gauge model to the range of Exclusive local based wagons that we have already produced in both 0 and 00 gauges.”


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