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KMS Railtech Exclusive Dapol MK.3 Caledonian Sleeper paint samples arrive

KMS Railtech have shown painted samples of their forthcoming exclusive N Gauge Dapol MK.3 sleeper coaches in Caledonian Sleeper liveries.

KMS have commissioned Dapol to produce 4 different variations of the Caledonian Sleeper stock, all of which will be available in twin packs.

KMS 1: Caledonian Sleeper Stag

KMS 2: First Caledonian Sleeper with white stripe

KMS 3 - First Caledonian Gold Band and No Band

KMS 4 - De-Branded White Stripe

Each twin pack is priced at £58 and can be pre-ordered at the KMS Railtech website

Delivery is expected in Q3/Q4 2021.



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