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KMS Railtech Exclusive Scotrail HST update

KMS Railtech's exclusive Dapol Scotrail 'Inter 7 City' liveried N Gauge HST set is now slated for a Q1 2023 delivery.

Featuring the attractive Blue and Silver livery worn by the HST sets currently in use between Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness. The model will be available in a book set with 2 power cars and 4 Mk.3 coaches, with a limited number of individual coaches also being produced to allow modellers to expand their set to represent the longer 5 coach sets.

scotrail n gauge hst
kms railtech scotrail n gauge hst

The model is being produced with the existing Dapol Slam Door MK3 tooling as the costs involved with producing the Sliding Door MK3 would not make the project viable in N Gauge.

The 4 coach set is now available pre order from KMS Railtech at a price of £250, with delivery expected during Q1 2023.



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