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PECO release updated concrete sleeper code80 N Gauge flexi track

PECO are to release updated concrete sleeper Code 80 N Gauge flexi track, featuring an all new sleeper moulding complete with DOW-MAC branding and a representation of the Pandrol type rail clip.

peco code 80 concrete sleeper sl302 track

Featuring nickel silver rail to Code 80 profile it is designed to be fully compatible with both the Setrack and Code 55 streamline ranges. The updated SL-302 comes in 914mm lengths and will replace the previously available version.

PECO state:

The concrete sleeper detail is vastly improved from the previous SL-302, with a more prototypical sleeper/tie profile, better representation of the Pandrol-style rail clip and even the manufacturers name embossed on the surfaced! This takes the level of detail on our N scale track to an all-time high!
Compatible with the existing N scale Code 80 track system, it is also worth reminding retailers that the Code 80 and Code 55 track systems are able to be connected together without the need to compensate for the change in rail height thanks to the clever design of the rail profile and base mouldings of the Code 55 system. The standard SL-310 and SL-311 rail joiners are used for both systems.

Stock of the new style track is expected to start arriving with retailers from the beginning of June.

peco code 80 concrete sleeper sl302 track



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