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Rapido Trains announce N Gauge OAA wagon

Rapido Trains UK is to produce an ‘N’ gauge version of the 45t Open AB open wagon, better known as ‘OAA’.

Rapido Trains N gauge OAA wagon
Rapido Trains N gauge OAA wagon

This was BR’s first fully air-braked wagon. Ashford Works built the 100 new OAAs (Nos. 100000-100099) in 1971. These wagons were long for a four-wheel open, with a 20ft 9in wheelbase. They were BR’s first fully air-braked wagon and had upgraded running gear to cope with higher operating speeds.

Rapido Trains N gauge OAA wagon

Sales & Marketing Manager Richard Foster said, “We’re delighted with how well our ‘OO’ model has scaled down to ‘N’. The CAD files show that the ‘N’ gauge model captures the distinctive look of the real thing, with its mix of steel ends and wooden doors. Despite being much smaller, we’ve been able to include a fully detailed underframe too.”

Rapido Trains N gauge OAA wagon

The ’OAA’ will be available in triple packs and there are six different packs to choose from, with a seventh pack available exclusively from Rainbow Railways. The order book is now open and tooling work should start early in 2023 with delivery due either later in the year or early 2024.

Rapido Trains N gauge OAA wagon

Planned liveries are as follows:

956001: BR Bauxite (yellow ‘ABN’ spot) Triple Pack

956002: BR Bauxite Triple Pack

956003: BR Railfreight Triple Pack No. 1

956004: BR Railfreight Triple Pack No. 2

956005: Civil Link Departmental Triple Pack

956006: EWS Triple Pack

956007: BR Bauxite (with Corpach Pool lettering) Triple Pack - Exclusive to Rainbow Railways.

The RRP for a triple pack is £69.95 each

The model is currently in tooling and is expected during late 2023/early 2024

For more information visit the Rapido Trains UK website.


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