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Rapido Trains to produce LNER Dynamometer coach in N Gauge

Rapido Trains UK is delighted to unveil its first ‘N’ gauge carriage and what better subject is there than the LNER Dynamometer Car?

The ‘OO’ gauge version of this model was lauded for its highly detailed interior and underframe. Rapido UK has done its best to include as much of this detail on the ‘N’ gauge version, albeit with the compromises that come with working in a smaller scale.

The new ‘N’ gauge Dynamometer Car features a detailed interior while, externally, it features many fine separately fitted parts. Look underneath and you’ll see that all the details and parts associated with the ‘recording wheel’ have been included. Sprung mounted NEM coupler pockets help the model negotiate 263.5mm radius curves.

To re-cap its history, No. 23591 was originally built by the North Eastern Railway in 1906. Rapido’s model depicts it in its post-1928 condition, which makes it suitable for re-creating the LNER’s high speed trials of the 1930s which culminated in Mallard’s record run in July 1938. As with the ‘OO’ model, the Dynamometer Car will be offered in post-1946 livery (perfect for re-creating the 1948 Locomotive Exchanges) and in post-1949 condition (when it was used on trials with Bulleid’s infamous ‘Leader’).

Rapido is also offering a spoof version in Railway Technical Centre livery. This will be the perfect accompaniment to Rapido’s RTC-liveried Class 28. A fifth version in BR lined maroon as E902502 is available exclusively from Rails of Sheffield.

Tooling work is expected to start soon with an anticipated delivery late 2023/early 2024. The order book is now open and the ‘N’ gauge Dynamometer Car can be order through Rapido UK stockists or direct from

Liveries planned for release are:

955001: No. 23591, LNER livery (1928-1938 condition)

955002: No. 902502, LNER livery (post-1946 condition)

955003: No. E902502, BR livery (post-1949 condition)

955004: DB905202, RTC red/blue (spoof livery)

955005: No. E902502, BR lined maroon (spoof livery) - exclusive to Rails of Sheffield

The RRP is expected to be £99.95 and tooling is due to start shortly with delivery during late 2023 / early 2024.

For more information visit the Rapido Trains website.


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