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Re-tooled Dapol N Gauge Class 56 CAD revealed

Following the announcement that Dapol are to re-tool their N Gauge Class 56 locomotive, CAD images of the model have now been revealed.

Dapol N Gauge Class 56

Dapol state that as part of their ongoing improvement program, they are delighted to announce that the Class 56 in being retooled with an all-new bodyshell.

The new tooling will allow for accurate representation of the original Romanian and later UK-built locomotives and feature etched brass grilles.

Due to the changes to the body tooling, release of the previously announced Class 56 models has been pushed into Q3/Q4 2024

Dapol N Gauge Class 56

The new model will feature the following specifications:

  • Retooled body with improvements to the body shape. cab roof and windows

  • Tooling options to accurately reproduce both Romanian and Doncaster bodyshell types

  • Etched side and roof grilles in two styles

  • RP25.72 darkened wheels with pin point bearings

  • 5 pole Super creep motor with controlled pulling power and incredible slow running speed

  • All wheel drive and pick up

  • Directional lights

  • Dapols low friction mechanism for efficient quiet running

  • Heavy split frame chassis for excellent running and haulage qualities

  • DCC Ready with a NEXT-18 decoder socket

Dapol N Gauge Class 56
Romanian Built Class 56
Dapol N Gauge Class 56
Doncaster Built Class 56
Dapol N Gauge Class 56
Cab front variations
Dapol N Gauge Class 56

Dapol advise that the CAD has now been signed off and the project is moving along to the tooling room. They expect to see the revised Class 56 in shops Q3-Q4 2024. The RRP for the DCC ready versions is £156.60, and for DCC fitted versions £188.99

For more information visit the Dapol website.



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