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REVIEW - N'Tastic Scale Models 3D printed vehicle kits

3D printing has been a technology available to modellers via commercial printers such as Shapeways for some time, but the introduction of high quality home resin printers over the last few years has led to the emergence of several specialist suppliers making use of this technology to provide models that would not previously have been suitable for mass production.

N'Tastic Scale Models are one such supplier and have developed a large range of N Gauge road vehicle kits covering multiple eras. Buildings and scenic accessories are also available in the range.

The model supplied for review here is a 1950 Commer 'Superpoise' panel van from the light commercial range of kits.

First impressions are that the quality of the print is excellent. The support structures used during the printing process have been very neatly removed leaving very little evidence of them at all except in some areas where they are hidden anyway.

There is some of the layering inherent to 3D printed products visible under extreme scrutiny and the harsh magnification of the photos here, but to the naked eye they are barely evident at all, and under a coat of primer and a light sanding, if required, they will completely disappear. Having some experience with 3D printing N Gauge rolling stock and parts, I have to complement N'Tastic on the excellent quality of finish they have achieved!

The van is split in to two main components, with the body and chassis being printed separately. The chassis included axles, bumpers, wheels and basic interior of floor and bench seat. A separately printed steering wheel is also provided however if you prefer a finer appearing part, N'Tastic also produce etched versions, along with etched wing mirrors.

The wheels are commendably round, something that is not always a given with 3D prints, and as per body the chassis support structure has been neatly removed. It's evident that some thought has been given to the orientation of the print to minimise the intrusion on to visible areas.

Modellers will need to provide their own glazing in this particular example, however some kits are provided with clear printed parts.

These simple kits should appeal to anyone looking to add variety to their road vehicle collection, and the simplicity of the design makes them very easy to assemble and paint. Some light cleaning up of the parts will be necessary with fine wet & dry paper or a small file for the best results, but we can highly recommend these kits.

The extensive range of N'Tastic vehicle kits and accessories can be viewed in the N'Tastic Shop listing at Copper Mine Miniatures.

The kit reviewed here was supplied to NGN by N'Tastic Scale Models.



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