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Revolution Trains N Gauge Class 59 samples revealed

Revolution Trains have released more images of the EP sample for their forthcoming N Gauge Class 59 locomotive.

The EP is designed to check the fit of parts, their appearance and the basic performance of the drivetrain, and overall Revolution Trains consider this to be an excellent start, though of course there are areas that will be improved before the next stage of livery sampling.

Specific areas Revolution have identified for improvement are the wheels, the fit of some of the etches (the roof grille was damaged in transit as the packaging that will secure and protect production models is not available yet) and there are some minor blemishes on the body tooling, though this is not unusual as the metal moulds have not yet received a final ‘finishing’ polish.

The eagle-eyed will have spotted that this EP is something of a Frankenstein locomotive, combining early pattern Class 59/0 bogies, with Class 59/1 bodyshell and Class 59/2 centre cover. It is not unusual for EP samples to combine parts in this way; naturally details will be combined correctly for specific locomotives at the production stage.

Like the real thing, the centre cover is easily removed to facilitate access to the Next-18 DCC socket and the light switches that allow DC users to control the tail lights and cab interior lights.

Eight liveries (with two running numbers for each) are being offered by Revolution Trains at our low pre-order price of £124.95 (£219.95 with DCC sound fitted).

For more information, visit the Revolution Trains website


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