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Revolution Trains N Gauge PFA livery samples arrive

Revolution Trains have received the first livery samples of their forthcoming N Gauge PFA 4 wheel container flat wagons.

The model is planned for release in triple packs with a choice of 3 different containers

  • British Fuels

  • Cawoods

  • DRS Low Level Waste

The models will feature:

  • Factory-fitted detail parts (brake pipes, lamp irons, etc.)

  • Factory-fitted pipework

  • Separate, interchangeable containers (three included except DRS pack P)

  • Fully detailed under-frame

  • Blackened metal 3-hole disc wheels on metal axles, RP25 profile wheelsets

  • NEM coupler pockets

  • Die-cast chassis for ideal weight

For more information visit the Revolution Trains Website

Revolution Trains are also offering 20ft Gypsum Containers as a separate model which can be used in conjunction with their N Gauge PFA and KFA wagons.

(Note the PFA wagon is not included with the Gypsum Containers and must be purchased separately)

For more information on the Gypsum Containers, visit the Revolution Trains Website


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