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Revolution Trains Mk.5 coaching stock EPs arrive

Revolution Trains have shown samples of their forthcoming Trans Pennine Express and Caledonian Sleeper N Gauge Mk.5 Coaching stock.

Revolution Trains N Gauge MK.5

The Caledonian Sleeper cars are of four types: Seated, Club (with wifi dom on roof), Accessible Sleeper (PRM) and Standard Sleeper. Each vehicle is unique with accurate underframe, interior and bodyshell variations.

Revolution Trains N Gauge MK.5
Mk5 Caledonian Sleeper Club car and Accessible (PRM) Sleeper.

Revolution Trains N Gauge MK.5
Mk5 Caledonian Sleeper Seated car.

The models feature working Dellner type couplers in kinematic NEM pockets, though each pack will also include standard NEM couplers to enable the models to be coupled to a locomotive, as well as full interiors, saloon, cabin and vestibule lighting as standard, numerous separately fitted details – especially on the undersides – and photo-etched grilles where appropriate.

Revolution Trains N Gauge MK.5
Detail showing etched parts, interiors, wifi dome and inside bearing bogies on Mk5 Club car.

Revolution is offering a total of eight different packs to enable complete Lowlander (London Euston-Glasgow/Edinburgh) or Highlander (London Euston-Aberdeen/Fort William/Inverness) rakes to be recreated or to allow shorter rakes representing the split portions of the trains to be modelled.

Revolution Trains N Gauge MK.5
Accessible (PRM) sleeper and Club car

Trans Pennine Express operate their Mk5a sets in permanent rakes of five branded Nova 3 in push-pull mode with Class 68 diesels. Each set features a driving trailer (DT), standard trailer with bicycle rack (T2), two Standard trailers (T3) and a first trailer with standard draw gear at the outer end (T1).

Revolution Trains N Gauge MK.5
TPE DT + T2 car.

The Revolution models feature the same kinematic couplings and similar levels of detailing to the Mk5 sets and are available to pre-order in two complete 5-car sets.

Revolution Trains N Gauge MK.5
Inner end of T1 car, and outer end of DT car.

In addition to the interior saloon and vestibule lighting on all cars as standard, the DT features directional head and tail lights at the cab end.

Revolution Trains N Gauge MK.5
Underside of DT car showing details, wire sanding pipes and bogie bearings and power pickups.

Once the samples have been assessed and checked decorated samples will be prepared before the models go into production.

For more information visit the Revolution Trains Website


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