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West Coast Models release 45t Charringtons TTA tank body

Available now to purchase from West Coast Models is a finely detailed 3D printed model of the 45t Charringtons Bitumen TTA tank top. The main feature of this wagon are the conical ends, a variant of the TTA that has never been produced in N Gauge, until now.

3D Printed using high quality resin by West Coast Models, these TTA tanks were built by Chas Roberts and hired to Charringtons from the late 1960s and worked up until the early 2000s. Number series TRL51764 - 803. These have been designed to fit the standard Peco NR-122 15ft chassis.

Special attention to detail has been paid whilst drawing these. The main features being the 4 tank top lifting eyes, correct angle of the conical end, ladder end with top handrail, discharge end, catwalks and inlets.

No real prep work is required. The tanks come cured, cleaned, primed and ready to paint black. A coat of gloss varnish is recommended before applying transfers.

Transfers (depending on era modelled) are available from either Fox or Railtec, TTA data panel, 6 point stars etc however, If modelling the later Charringtons type (as per photos) then you will need to contact John at Precision Labels and ask for the 2mm Charringtons Fuel Oils transfers. Tell him we sent you.

A pack of 3 tank tops is priced at £28.50 plus P&P via the West Coast Models eBay shop


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