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Rapido Trains UK Class 28 / Conflat P statement

Rapido Trains UK have issued a statement regarding their recently released N Gauge Class 28 diesel locomotive and 'Conflat P' wagons:

N Gauge News now has two Class 28's in our possession and outside of the minor issues raised in our review of the model, we have experienced additional issues with either locomotive. We are aware that some owners have experienced issues with the glue holding the bogie pickup strips in place failing and the strips coming loose, which can then cause running issues.

Some 'Conflat P' owners have reported issues with binding wheels, and Rapido Trains have identified an error in the tooling which may result in such an occurrence. Unfortunately the wagons due to be reviewed by NGN are still working their way through the postal system, so our review of these is delayed.

Our advice would be to always see models running in store before you purchase wherever possible. If ordering online, most good retailers will test the models before sending them if requested.

NGN also applauds Rapido Trains UK for their openness and honesty surrounding these issues, and we are confident they will follow through on their promise of improved QC in their future N Gauge releases.


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