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Revolution Trains Class 128 paint samples arrive

Revolution Trains have revealed images of the paint samples for their N Gauge Class 128 parcels unit.

Revolution Trains N Gauge Class 128
Midland region 55987 with centre headcode (left) and Western region gangwayed 55994 with split headcode in original green with whiskers.

Revolution is offering six versions in a selection of liveries and in both Midland Region centre headcode and Western Region gangwayed versions to cover the lifespans and locations of these esoteric and well-liked units.

Although only a small number were built (4 for the Midland region, 6 for the Western region) these units travelled far and their appearance changed significantly when the gangways were plated and the headcode boxes replaced by marker lights. Revolution has tooled for all variations.

N Gauge Class 128
55990 in BR Blue ‘Parcels Service’
Revolution Trains Class 128
55991 in BR Blue with headcode boxes replaced by headlights

BR blue era modellers can choose between Midland 55990 with original headcode box showing plain ‘dominoes’ or WR 55991 with headcode boxes removed and replaced with marker lights.

In the 1980s several were painted into an eye-catching Royal Mail red livery with striped double doors, and Revolution is offering two versions: 55992 and 55993.

N Gauge Class 128
55992 (left) with gangway and marker lights, 55992 with fully removed and plated over gangway front.

The Midland versions did not receive Royal Mail red as all were withdrawn in the late 1970s and early 1980s, however the Western region versions lasted roughly another decade.

The models will feature Revolution's usual specification of Next-18 decoder interface, directional working lights and NEM coupler sockets. In addition the models feature highly realistic buffer beam details and pipes, most of which will be factory fitted.

As well as the variations in the gangways, lights, buffer heads and exhausts, the Revolution models feature an underframe packed with separately fitted parts and high levels of detail.

All versions can currently be preordered from Revolution Trains at the pre-production price of £135. Models will be available later from retailers, but at a higher price to include their margin.

For more details visit the Revolution Trains Website.


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