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Revolution Trains project updates

Revolution Trains have provided some updates about their current N Gauge projects which are currently underway or due for arrival soon:

Class 320/321:

The factory producing the 320/321 have confirmed that the first batch are due to leave factory mid-January with remainder by end of January - we don't know which models will be in each batch yet!

revolution trains class 321

Class 128s parcels DMU:

We're continuing testing of the EP samples and livery diagrams are being finalised with livery samples expected February (hopefully!).

Revolution Trains N Gauge class 128

Mk 5 TransPennine Express and Caledonian Sleeper coaches:

TPE livery samples on the way to us, but otherwise ready for production. We expect order book to close end of February 2022 with delivery scheduled for July/August 2022.

Revolution Trains N Gauge mk5

IWA holdall vans and timber carriers (N/2mm):

Production in final stages and expected to be complete end December - early January. Expected delivery to UK in January-February 2022.

Revolution Trains N Gauge IWA

Class 313/314 EMU: We had been hoping that the 320s/321s would have arrived by this point but the tooling of the 313/314s is complete and the order book will open over the next week.

Revolution Trains Class 313

Class A 35t tank/MTV Zander box wagons/Class B 35t tank re-run: Apologies for the delay in this model - we're waiting for livery samples of the Class A tanks and MTV /Zanders which are due by January. If the livery samples arrive over the next few weeks then the order book is likely to close end March 2022.

Revolution Trains Zander

PFA 4 wheel container flats: In production, awaiting estimate of likely completion and delivery. We will update this project when we have an estimate from the factory.

Revolution Trains PFA

Pendolino (second run):

In production and scheduled to be complete July 2022.

Revolution Trains Pendolino

revolution trains pendolino

EALNOS JNA/MMA aggregate box wagons

The livery samples are complete and have been approved. The order deadline is 31/12/21 with delivery scheduled for April 2022.

revolution trains n gauge JNA MMA ealnos

Class 89:

We have no new information but we hope to have some news soon - we think that there is probably sufficient interest to produce it in N but it relies on other parties and what happens with the real class 89.

revolution trains n gauge class 89

Cartic-4 car carriers (N/2mm):

The Cartic-4s have been very popular and are currently in tooling with first EPs expected in January 2022.

revolution trains n gauge cartic 4

Drax biomass IIA hoppers:

We recently received and approved the full livery samples. Production is scheduled for completion by the end of June 2022. Exclusively available to order from Rails of Sheffield.

revolution trains n gauge drax IIA biomass wagon

Borail/Mullet/Parr/Super Tench (N/2mm): the tooling is complete and following receipt of the EPs we've identified some improvements. We're also finalising the livery artwork so that we can receive livery samples.

Class 59 diesel loco:

The tooling is complete and the first EP sample is undergoing checks and testing. If you missed the launch video you can see it here - it tells you some of the detail variations and why we are producing a Class 59. Additional Class 59 EP images and info can be seen here.

revolution trains n gauge class 59

1938 tube stock:

The CAD is largely complete but we've got a final set of CAD amendments to make. We expect the order book will open by end of 2021.

revolution trains n gauge 1938 tube stock

All steel K type Pullmans:

We've largely finished the research on the K types. We expect that the order book and CAD will be available in Q1 2022.

revolution trains n gauge k type pullman

For more information visit the Revolution Trains website


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