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Revolution Trains propose 'Electrostar' EMU family

Revolution Trains have announced their intention to produce the much requested Electrostar EMU family in N Gauge.

377105 passes Battersea. Photo Michael Garnett used under Creative Commons.

The Electrostars cover a variety of prototypes from TOPS Classes 357, 375, 376, 377, 378, 379 and 387, though it is unlikely every variation can be offered.

The Electrostar family was manufactured at Derby from 1999 until 2017 with over 650 sets now in service for a variety of operators including: Southern; South Eastern; c2c; London Overground; GWR; Heathrow Express; Gatwick Express; and Great Northern as well as a number of historic train operating companies.

Revolution have not yet finalised the liveries/variations we are offering, and as ever Revolution are wary of over-promising while at the same time wanting to provide as much variety as possible. Among the versions Revolution are scoping are:

Class 387 Great Northern livery
Class 387 Great Northern livery

Class 387 Gatwick Express livery
Class 387 Gatwick Express livery

Class 377 in SouthEastern livery

Class 377 in Southern livery

Class 387 GWR livery
Class 387 GWR livery

Class 387 Heathrow Express livery

Class 377 in First Capital Connect livery

Once Revolution have finalised pricing the models will go on sale for our usual low pre-order price, and while schedules are difficult to judge at the moment they anticipate a 2024 delivery.

For more information visit the Revolution Trains website


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