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Dapol announce new run of N Gauge Terriers

Dapol have announced a new run of their N Gauge A1/A1X Terrier in four livery versions.

The Model features:

  • Finely moulded body with many separately added fine details

  • Cast wheels with fine relief and appropriate colouring

  • Heavy die cast chassis with all wheel pickup

  • NEM pockets as standard

  • Accessory bag with spares and optional details

Models planned for release are:

2S-012-017 Terrier A1X 32662 BR Black Late Crest

2S-012-018 Terrier A1X B653 Southern Lined Green

2S-012-019 Terrier A1 55 Stroudley Improved Green Stepney

2S-012-020 Terrier A1 71 LBSC Stroudley Improved Green Wapping

The RRP is £88.95 with release expected during 2022

For more information visit the Dapol online catalogue



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