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The International N Gauge Show 2022 - Round-up

TINGS 22 saw a large number of new announcements and updates on N Gauge products. Below is a summary of the news from the event from the major suppliers.

Graham Farish

Whilst there were no new announcements during the show from Farish, several updates were provided on soon to be released models.

Class 60

The DCC ready Class 60s are due to arrive imminently with the sound fitted examples following behind later in the year.

Graham Farish Class 60

'Crewe Cut' Class 47

The 'Crewe Cut' Class 47, so named due to the curhas been in development for a while but is now scheduled for release next year, ahead of the Class 158 DMU. EP samples were on display and whilst this model was perviously expected to feature a 6pin decoder, we suspect it will now feature a more up to date specification.

Graham Farish Crewe Cut Class 47

Class 158 DMU

The Class 158 continues to make progress and is currently expected to be released in the later half of 2023. We took a close up look at the EP samples earlier in the year

graham farish class 158
Standard 5MT 4-6-0

Livery samples for the updated Standard 5MT 4-6-0 steam locomotive were on display, and these are expected to arrive early next year. Upgrades include a NEXT18 decoder interface and pre-fitted speaker, with factory fitted sound options available.

Revolution Trains

Revolution Trains surprised many with a whole raft of new announcements on the first day of TINGS.

Also released at the show was a previously unannounced version of the JNA box wagon in the striking Network Rail / Wascosa yellow livery and these can now be purchased directly from Revolution Trains

revolution trains wascosa jna

The previously announced liveries are now arriving with retailers, and we'll have a full review of these impressive wagons at NGN soon.

Class 59

Livery samples for the highly anticipated Class 59 locomotive were on display and N Gauge News took an exclusive close up look.

revolution trains class 59
'Caroline' Inspection saloon

The first EP samples for Caroline were also on display during the show and again we took a close up look at the first test samples

revolution trains caroline

Class 128 Parcels DMU

Livery samples were on display for the Class 128 parcels DMU. The order book for these is closing imminently so get your order in quick!

revolution Class 128


Dapol made several announcements at TINGS, not least their intention to produce a brand new N Gauge GWR Churchward 63xx Mogul

dapol n gauge 63xx

CAD images for the the long awaited Bulleid Light Pacifics was also shown, suggesting progress is now being made on these models following the period of abeyance.

dapol light pacific

Class 43 HST

EP samples for a revised Class 43 HST power car were on display, featuring changes to allow for the production of the 'Blue Pullman' set now in use for railtours on the mainline. This will be available as a full 11 car set.

Dapol HST
Dapol HST

Additional standard HST liveries were also announced, including BR blue/grey, Intercity Swallow, Midland Mainline (Teal & Orange livery) & Cross Country in train packs with 2x power cars and 2x Mk.3 coaches. Twin power car packs will be available in Virgin Trains (Red/Black) and Grand Central liveries.

LSWR M7 0-4-4 Tank Locomotive

Livery samples for the the upgraded LSWR M7 were visible in the Dapol display case. A brand new chassis with updated 'DCC friendly' mechanism and new wheels with see-through spokes brings this model up to date with modern standards.

dapol m7

Southern Signals

Samples for Southern Railway style semaphore signals, both rail built and lattice, were also on display

O&K Hoppers

The O&K hopper wagons are now in production and are expected to arrive during Q4 2022

dapol o&k hopper wagon

BR Standard Class 7 'Britannia'

A re-issue of the BR Standard Class 7 'Britannia' was announced in 2021 and painted body shell livery samples were on display. These are now expected to arrive in late 2022 / early 2023.

Dapol have released a short video with highlights from the show with further information, including updates on the Class 59.

Rapido Trains UK

The big news from Rapido Trains, who were unfortunately unable to have a presence at the show, (and released slightly earlier than intended!) is the production of a Class 44/45/46 'Peak' diesel locomotive.



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