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2022 - The year in N Gauge

Happy New Year to all NGN readers!

We'll start by saying THANK YOU to each and everyone one of you who visit the site or follow our social media channels. We hope you've enjoyed the content over the last year and we'll hopefully have plenty more for you in 2023. We'd also like to say thank you to all of the manufacturers who've allowed us to take close-up looks at new products, including Bachmann, Revolution Trains, Cavalex Models and Rapido Trains.

As has become custom, here's a quick recap of the last year. This time one year ago we rather boldly forecasted a very interesting year ahead for N Gauge, and we don't think it disappointed, so lets take a look at some of the N Gauge highlights from 2022!


Revolution Trains kicked things off by debuting the EP samples and opening the order books for their N Gauge Class 313/314 EMU. Livery samples are due very soon, and with luck the models will be released during 2023.

There is still time to order your Class 313 at Revolution Trains

revolution class 313

We also saw the first painted samples for the Sonic Models J50 0-6-0 tank engine. Sadly this has been delayed slightly by ongoing issues in China around COVID lockdowns, but it should arrive early in 2023. This model is available to pre-order exclusively from Rails of Sheffield

sonic models j50


Early February saw the first of the quarterly Bachmann product announcements, and they surprised everyone with an upgraded Class 08 shunter featuring a new chassis, Next18 DCC socket and, amazingly, a pre-fitted speaker allowing sound fitted versions to be made available or the user to fit their own sound chip. Quite a feat in a model this small! A raft of liveries were announced, many of which have now arrived with stockists and just a handful still to arrive.

You can see the NGN review of the upgraded Graham Farish Class 08 shunter here

graham farish class 08

Also announced and now available was the Class 769 FLEX bi-mode EMU, a derivative of the Class 319 EMU, in the attractive Transport for Wales livery.

graham farish class 769

The N Gauge Society revealed livery samples for their next item of RTR exclusive rolling stock, the BR VIX Ferryvan:

n gauge society ferry van

Also in February, three new Revolution models arrived, the long awaited Class 320/321, IWA Sfins2 Holdall vans and Rfnoos timber carriers.

You can read our reviews for the Class 320/321 here, and the Sfins2 vans here

revolution trains class 321
revolution trains Sfins
revolution trains Rfnoos

Not content with delivering those models, at Model Rail Scotland Revolution made the surprise announcements that they were to produce the the FNA-D nuclear flask wagon Alstom Class 175 'Coradia' and Class 180 'Adelante' DMUs with CAD images shown for both classes. The order books for both are now open.

revolution trains class 180 class 175

Dapol revealed the first EP samples for their reinvigorated Class 59 project. See more images of that here.

Dapol Class 59

Finally, we took a close-up look at the Cavalex N Gauge PGA hoppers being produced exclusively for Rails of Sheffield.

cavalex n gauge pga


The London Festival of Railway Modelling show at Alexandra Palace saw the EP samples for the highly anticipated Graham Farish Class 158 DMU revealed and on display at the Bachmann stand. NGN had the opportunity to take a close up look.

graham farish class 158

Rapido Trains UK also revealed the first EP for the Metrovick Class 28 CO-BO during June, but more on that later...


Steadfast Models added some very nice decals to their range for the Dapol IOA box wagons to represent the distinctive rust marks caused by the unloading process.

steadfast models

Sticking with wagons, the EFE Rail NACCO JIA China clay wagons arrived in April, and you can read the NGN review here.

EFE JIA wagon


The Summer Bachmann announcements saw new Class 37s and updated class 60's announced, most of which are now available via retailers.

graham farish class 37

You can read our review of the updated Class 60 here

graham farish class 60


The N Gauge Society announced another exclusive ready to run model in the shape of the 6.5 ton Cowans Sheldon crane with CAD images viewable here

n gauge society cowens sheldon crane

Livery samples for the forthcoming Revolution Trains Class 128 parcels DMU also arrived during June. Take a closer look here.

revolution trains class 128

Rapido Trains UK announced more new N Gauge models, this time in the shape of SECR wagons and brake van.

rapido trains uk secr wagons

And June also saw the long awaiting arrival in shops of the Graham Farish Class 319 EMU. Check out our review here!

graham farish class 319


July was a relatively quiet month for N Gauge, but the one big announcement came from Sonic Models, with the news they are to produce a GWR 61xx large Prairie. See more information on that here

sonic models 61xx large prairie


The Bachmann Autumn announcements caused a stir in August, with the first all new tooled locomotive announced since the switch to the quarterly news cycle in the shape of the Class 90 electric locomotive. Not only was the model announced, but completed livery samples were also shown and the Class 90 arrived on shelves just before Christmas, which must be one of the shortest announcements to release periods for an N Gauge Model yet! Check out the NGN Class 90 review here

graham farish class 90

Revolution Trains also revealed the first livery samples for their Class 59 model. NGN took a close-up look which you can see here and the first EP sample for the N Gauge Caroline inspection saloon also arrived with a close-up look at that here.

revolution trains class 59
revolution trains caroline

From smaller suppliers, Arch Laser announced a new range of 3D printed ready painted road vehicles for N Gauge and Osbornes Models introduced a range of 3D printed ready painted N Gauge rolling stock.


The International N Gauge show at Leamington Spa kicked off September, and we could barely keep up with the news coming from that event! Revolution Trains announced a raft of new models for N Gauge, including the Class 120 DMU, much requested Bombardier Class 37X 'Electrostar' family EMUs and PTA, JSA and HJO/HJV wagons. They also delivered their excellent JNA/MMA EALNOS box wagons to customers, and you can see our review of those here.

revolution trains jna mma ealnos

Rapido Trains UK announced their second N Gauge RTR locomotive in the shape of the Class 44, with Class 45/46 to follow in the future. We're sure these new 'Peaks' will be in high demand!

rapido trains uk class 44 peak

Dapol provided updates on several N Gauge models, including the long awaited Bulleid Light Pacifics, but also announced a brand new GWR 63xx mogul.

dapol 63xx mogul


=C=Rail=Intermodal= delivered a new batch of their excellent KQA/KTA pocket wagons during October, and we reviewed them here.

c rail kta kqa pocket wagon

We also took a look at one of the N'Tastic range of 3D printed N Gauge road vehicles in our review here.

n'tastic models

Another new arrival and review during October were the imposing Dapol Foster Yeoman O&K JHA hopper wagons and you can check out the review here.

dapol n gauge jha wagon


A busy November kicked off with the Bachmann winter announcements, this time featuring a number of new Class 31 liveries, with many now available in the shops.

graham farish class 31

PECO released their newly tooled 'Quality Line' 7 & 5 plank wagons, replacing the previous decades old tooling. Check out our review of those here.

peco quality line wagons

The Kernow Model Rail Centre announced several exclusive limited editions in the form of Graham Farish Class 31 in the attractive golden ochre livery, and two Revolution Trains Class 59s in MRL and ARC liveries.

kernow model railway centre
kernow model railway centre class 59

The Warley International Model Railway Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham also saw a number of announcements in 2022.

Dapol revealed an updated Ivatt 2MT tank engine with new 'DCC Friendly' chassis.

dapol ivatt

Rapido Trains UK announced they were shrinking their OO dynamometer coach down to N Gauge, along with their OAA air braked 45t open wagon.

rapido trains dynamometer coach
rapido trains uk oaa wagon

Livery samples for the Graham Farish Class 158 were also on display on the Bachmann stand, and we took a close-up look at this highly anticipated model here.

graham farish class 158

Revolution Trains also received EP samples for their N Gauge FNA-D nuclear flask wagons, and there is a close-up look at these here.

revolution trains fna-d nuclear flask wagon


December saw a raft of new liveries announced by Dapol & Gaugemaster for the Gaugemaster Collection range, including new Class 156, Class 73, Class 56, Class 33, Class 86 and HST liveries.

Rounding out our 2022 highlights, Rapido Trains UK delivered their first UK Outline N Gauge locomotive in the shape of the Class 28 'Metrovick' and the Conflat P wagons to run with it for those wishing to reproduce the 'Condor' freight trains they were famous for hauling. We took a look at the Class 28 in our NGN review.

rapido trains class 28

A final surprise release for 2022 came from Rails of Sheffield with an exclusive run of Graham Farish JJA Auto-ballasters in weathered network rail livery.

rails of sheffield graham farish JJA auto-ballaster

2023, the year of....

We think 2022 has been a bumper year for UK N Gauge, with some excellent announcements and releases through the year from established and new manufacturers alike.

There are still challenges for manufacturers and whilst China's zero COVID policy resulting in sudden factory lockdowns may have been relaxed recently there is still considerable potential for disruption and delays. The ongoing microchip shortage is also causing supply constraints for DCC chips, particularly sound versions.

That said, there are some very exciting models already announced in the pipeline which we expect will reach layouts through the year, and we're sure there will be one or two surprises along the way!

We look forward to bringing you all the N Gauge news in 2023!



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